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Submersible Pond Pump Troubleshooting

A problem with your pond’s pump doesn't always mean the pump is ready to be replaced. Familiarizing yourself with a few simple details could help you fix the problem yourself and your pump could be running normally in no time at all.

My pump hums or vibrates, but does not work

Check water flow to your pump. In most cases, we find that the pond’s water level is too low. Your pump can’t push water if it doesn’t have access to it.


Check for any debris that could be keeping water from getting to the pump, be it a large rock, leaves, a clogged skimmer basket or opening, a jammed skimmer flap, or just a skimmer pad that has gone too long between cleanings.


Pump may be air-locked. Tilt the pump back and forth while it’s in the pond to allow air to escape from the chamber.


Impeller may be seized by debris. Unplug and remove the pump from the pond and inspect the pump intake to ensure there is no debris restricting the impeller. Remove any debris, like rocks or sticks, which may have become lodged around and above impeller. While the pump is still out of the pond, lay it on its side and plug in the pump BRIEFLY to see if the impeller spins. If the impeller does not spin, use a screwdriver or similar tool to kick start the impeller. *A pump should not run dry, but if done so briefly, this should not be a problem.

Pump is most likely clogged. Unplug the pump and pull it out to check the intake for any debris that has lodged in it. Clean out the intake to make sure that it’s clear.


Plumbing could be clogged with debris. Unplug the pump and disconnect it from the pipe. Clogged debris may back-flush out of the plumbing and into the pond. If you inspect the plumbing and still find debris lodged inside, try spraying water into the plumbing from where the pump was or try from the other direction.


Make sure it is plugged in and check the power source by plugging in a small appliance, like a hair dryer, and see if it comes on.


If the outlet has no power, make sure your pump is unplugged and press the reset button on the GFI to reset the breaker. If there is no power from the outlet, call your electrician for repair.


If you successfully reset the breaker or GFI but it keeps tripping, try another outlet. If the pump trips the other power source as well, it is most likely that your pump is bad and needs to be replaced.


The pump could have shut off due to thermal overload. Most modern submersible pond pumps are fitted with a thermal protection device, which turns the pump off if it overheats. This happens if the pump is run dry or is not completely submerged. Unplug the pump and allow it to cool down. Fill the pond to the appropriate level and then plug it back in. This should reset the thermal protection switch and allow the pump to resume normal operation.

My pump is running slow, waterfall is a trickle
My pump is OFF or not running
Submersible Pond Pump Replacement Process and Form
We recommend completing the checklist on our Pump Troubleshooting Worksheet above before scheduling an appointment to save on time and cost. If you do not wish to complete the checklist, don’t worry, we are here to help. Please fill out your information and choose one of the options below to schedule your Pump Troubleshooting and Repair appointment.

Option 1: I have gone through the initial troubleshooting process and have determined I would like to purchase a new pump to be installed.

  • Pricing includes ONE VISIT at $175 within our service area ($200-225+ outside our service area).

  • You agree to pay 100% cost of pump up front and the service charge upon completion of services.

  • Include Pump make, model and size/GPH as well as size of plumbing connected to Pump. 

  • PLEASE NOTE: If upon arrival we determine your pump does NOT need to be replaced, we are not responsible for returns on the product. It is best to keep it as a backup pump for any future issues.

Option 2: I do not wish to complete the initial pump troubleshooting process and would prefer a pond professional to complete the entire process for me.

  • Pricing includes TWO VISITS for $275 within our service area ($300-325+ outside our service area).

  • You agree to pay a $125 deposit to get on the schedule. 

  • In the first visit, the service tech will provide a diagnosis and the next steps. 

  • If they are able to repair the pump on this visit, there is no additional cost. 

  • If the pump needs to be replaced, you agree to pay for the cost of the pump up front and the remaining service charges upon completion of services.

  • If you have fish and need aeration, pricing includes setting up your aerator or backup pump. If you do not have either, we will leave one of our aerators in the pond for $10/day until your pump is replaced. 

  • On the second visit, the service tech will replace your old pump with the new one, dispose of the old pump, remove any backup pumps or aeration and collect final payment.

Do you need temporary aeration?
Select an option

PUMP WARRANTY We provide a 1 year warranty on all pumps. Should you experience any issues with your pump in that timeframe we will replace the pump itself at no cost and charge our minimal service fee for your area ($75-125+) for labor on pickup, delivery and installation of the new pump. Should there be any issues with our labor, we will make any repairs at no cost for up to one year, but it is best that you contact us right away if you have an issue to prevent significant damage. Some pumps will have an extended warranty through the manufacturer, which is listed in the manual.

*NOTE: If your pumps power cord is cut and hardwired into an electrical source, all warranty is void from the manufacturer. Focal Point Features will not perform electrical hardwiring on any pumps and you will need to hire an electrician to finish the electrical portion of installation.

WHAT’S THE NEXT STEP? Once this form is filled out, we will respond with exact pricing for your visit and a date on the schedule and how to pay.

Thanks for submitting!