Annual Pond Cleaning

An annual pond cleaning is designed to remove debris, leaves, twigs, fish waste, silt and unwanted nutrients that have broken down into sludge and muck at the bottom of your pond. This will give your pond a fresh start  allowing for clearer water, happy fish and healthy plants. A full cleaning is typical in the spring as water temperatures rise before beneficial bacteria fully establishes. 


$125 for onsite consultation. Fee is contributed to labor on your cleaning. FREE ESTIMATES can be given through email or text with a bit of information and up-to-date photos.

Pricing determined by size, components & condition.

Contact us today for an estimate or consultation!

What's Included in a Pond Clean?

A cleaning is specific to each pond or fountain but the list below can give you an idea of what to expect.


Preparing for the Clean

• Pump out water and drain completely

• Use pond water to fill holding tanks for fish, plants, frogs, etc

• House fish in an aerated, covered holding tank during clean

• Basic assessment of fish health

• Save decaying plant matter to allow for any smaller creatures to show themselves and return to the pond

• Store plants in a holding tank

Cleaning Process

• Remove large debris and string algae by hand

• Shovel or vacuum out sludge and dispose in a designated area

• Hose off waterfall, rock edges and liner from top to bottom in all cracks and crevasses to remove all loose dirt and unwanted algae

• Hand scrub liner and rocks with water, avoiding chemicals and power washing as to not completely strip the beneficial bacteria

• Perform a 1/2 water change in holding tank(s) to acclimate fish to new water reducing risk of shock

Equipment Care

• Use pond water to clean out filters, filter media, skimmers, and pumps and inspect to make sure in proper working order

• Backwash any pressurized bead filters

• Replace any filter media as needed

• Inspect and flush out any plumbing

• Check leveling of skimmers and filters

• Inspect underwater lighting, clean lenses, replace any bulbs or redirect angles if needed

• Inspect and/or replace UV light*

Integrity Check

• Inspect liner for damages or leaks and repair as needed*

• Make any necessary minor adjustments to liner and folds

• Adjust any rocks that may have shifted over time

• Re-stack and secure any rock moved during the cleaning*

The Final Phase

• Start filling pond, treat water with dechlorinator and stress coat

• Split, repot and fertilize plants while removing dead leaves, stems and buds* ($25 each)

• Turn on pond and continue to fill as water circulates through filters and plumbing

• Place plants in and around pond and slowly introduce fish to their new environment

• Add natural bacteria if necessary and do final clean up of site


Rinsing away built up muck and debris can unclog holes in the liner allowing water to travel to new places. This is especially true when removing gravel from the bottom of your pond or moving around large rocks or when cleaning a pond that has not been maintained regularly. We assume no responsibility for these leaks and will bill accordingly for diagnoses and repair.


In some cases it is best to do the pond cleaning and wait about 2 weeks to then clean the pressure filter. We have found that certain ponds will go green after a cleaning because too much beneficial bacteria was stripped and there is not enough 'good' bacteria to fight off the 'bad' bacteria. Waiting to clean out an external filter helps prevent this from happening. 

*ADDITIONAL CHARGES MAY APPLY. We charge $25 per plant that needs repotting during your clean. There are additional charges for opening up and cleaning pressure filters.

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