Regular Maintenance

We offer scheduled maintenance for all koi ponds, goldfish ponds, water gardens, fountains, and water features. Each water feature has a different set of needs, but the list below can give you an idea of what to expect.


Our maintenance route is scheduled on a Monday and sometimes carried over to a Tuesday. We will schedule you according to what we have in that area each week.

Maintenance typically starts at $150 for up to an hour for smaller ponds. More complex ponds or multiple ponds can be up to $250 for up to an hour. 

Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or as needed services available.

What's Included in Maintenance?

Plants & Fish

  • Thorough trimming of all pond plants, removal of dead leaves, stems and buds

  • Trim nearby dead plants and blow/vacuum nearby leaves to prevent falling debris

  • Fertilize all submerged and bog plants in containers

  • Observe fish behavior, appearance and overall health

  • Diagnoses, treatment, supply and removal of fish

Ponds, Waterfalls & Fountains

  • Surface skimming to remove leaves and other debris

  • Small water changes and water leveling as needed

  • Chemical or visual water quality testing with treatments as needed

  • Light scrub of fountains and waterfalls, clear any debris blocking falls

  • Minor adjustments to rock placement to hide liner or enhance/improve look


  • Thorough rinse of filter media, quality check and replace when needed

  • Backwash any pressurized bead filters

  • Empty and clean skimmer leaf basket and side baffles

  • Check function of uv light, pump, pressurized bead filter, filter fall, auto fill, skimmer or any other relevant equipment

  • Repaint  or replace any plumbing if needed

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