Michael, our Maintenance Manager, trimming lilies on one of his regular visits. Watch the explaining some of the products we use on our ponds by CLICKING HERE. 

Regular Maintenance

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly

We offer scheduled maintenance for all koi ponds, goldfish ponds, fountains, and water features. Our maintenance route is currently scheduled Monday and Tuesday according to location. If you do not see us on your scheduled day, we arrive the following day for services. ​In most cases, we require a full cleaning before we are able to commit to maintenance. This helps us learn your water feature and discover any potential issues that need attention before we can properly maintain it. 


$125 for onsite consultation. Fee is contributed to your first visit. Maintenance typically starts at $150 for up to an hour for smaller ponds. More complex ponds or multiple features can be up to $250 for up to an hour.

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What's Included in Maintenance?

Each water feature has a different set of needs, but the list below can give you an idea of what to expect.

Plants & Fish

  • Thorough trimming of all pond plants, removal of dead leaves, stems and buds

  • Trim nearby dead plants and blow/vacuum nearby leaves to prevent falling debris

  • Fertilize all submerged and bog plants in containers

  • Observe fish behavior, appearance and overall health

  • Diagnoses, treatment, supply and removal of fish

Ponds, Waterfalls & Fountains

  • Surface skimming to remove leaves and other debris

  • Small water changes and water leveling as needed

  • Chemical or visual water quality testing with treatments as needed

  • Light scrub of fountains and waterfalls, clear any debris blocking falls

  • Minor adjustments to rock placement to hide liner or enhance/improve look


  • Thorough rinse of filter media, quality check and replace when needed

  • Backwash any pressurized bead filters

  • Empty and clean skimmer leaf basket and side baffles

  • Check function of uv light, pump, pressurized bead filter, filter fall, auto fill, skimmer or any other relevant equipment

  • Repaint  or replace any plumbing if needed

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