Design & Installations

Adding a water feature to your backyard will quickly become the focal point of your space. Connect with nature and enjoy listening to the melodies of cascading water, birds and frogs, watching the dragonflies and feeding the fish. Imagine your own personal sanctuary right outside your doorstep where you can gather with friends and family, read, do yoga, sip coffee in the morning or have a cold one in the evening to relax.

We specialize in creating natural looking ecosystem ponds. All designs are a unique organic process specific to the land, materials chosen and the overall vision. You will never have a cookie-cutter water feature stamped into your space.

New Installations

• Koi Ponds

• Goldfish Ponds

• Pondless Waterfalls

• Streams

• Boulder Fountains

• Pottery Fountains

• Decorative Drainage

• Rain Gardens

What to expect:

Step 1: Consultation $200

We will come out to your property and talk about your ideas, vision, budget and timeline while answering any questions you may have. We'll take measurements, photos and discuss site access and materials. Pricing includes an itemized estimate and plan of action. 


During this process, the vision is already developing as we mentally place the individual elements of the feature, walking you through what we see to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Step 2: Getting Started

You will receive an estimate of all materials and labor pricing for you to approve or edit. Once the final estimate is approved, we will collect a deposit and set a date on the schedule.

Step 3: Installation

This process varies with each project, but usually consists of lots of digging and shaping to prepare the land. The foundation of your feature is placed and the pieces start coming together.


Rock shelves are created, filters and skimmers are placed, trenches are dug for any plumbing, liner is added and we start placing rocks.


We collaborate with nature, allowing each piece to essentially place itself. As with any artistic project, the process can appear chaotic and you may not see the vision until the very end. 


Step 4: Details

This is where the spirit of the feature is created and you finally see it come to life! The final details are placed like plants, fish, surrounding landscape, lighting, fencing, benches, gravel, etc. Your feature is ready for you to enjoy, turn key.


Step 5: Live the Pond Life

We don't stop after the install or leave you not knowing what to do with your new pond. We will show you everything you need to know because you now have a friend in the pond business. You can contact us anytime with a question or concern as well as to schedule any future services.

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Dig & Excavate Pond Area

Shape the pond and form shelves

Install underlayment and liner

Install rock and pond equipment

Fill Pond with water

Add plants, fish and personal touches

Rebuilding Existing Feature

You may have an older pond or fountain with many leaks, outdated equipment or in need of some TLC. 

We can give it a facelift and you can enjoy your water feature again!

What to expect:

This process is very similar to the new installation process listed above. During your initial consultation, we will discuss which materials can be reused and what we may need to purchase as well as likes and dislikes of your current feature. 

Day one on the job site is demo day. The new shape/position/depth is laid out and marked as we start taking apart your water feature piece by piece. Any materials we will be reusing will be put on the side and saved. Old materials are hauled off to keep clean working pallet.