Small Koi Pond

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You may have an older pond or fountain with many leaks, outdated equipment or in need of some TLC. Perhaps you had a friend of a friend build you a pond and it just hasn't turned out like you expected or you started a project on your own only to find that it is more work than you anticipated. We can give your existing water feature an overhaul so you can enjoy it again!


Rebuilding existing features is a large portion of our regular work. We understand in most cases you've already spent a lot of money just to get it where you're currently at and we are truly sympathetic and want to help without judgement, educating you on what went wrong or needs to happen along the way. 




Before we started FPF Dan worked for a high-end landscape company and wanted to develop a water feature division. He started to install water features and when he left to start his own journey they continued to attempt installing water features. We got a call for a repair and right away Dan recognized this pondless waterfall as a project that they had attempted. He was eager to make the repairs and give it a face lift. The customer was brought to tears with the results, able to finally enjoy the sights and sounds problem free. This project was featured in POND TRADE MAGAZINE




We nicknamed this the Butterfly Pond because of the major transformation it went through. This was the start of a homeowner build and they quickly realized there was a lot more work than they anticipated. We came in and took everything apart, kept the pond size, shaped out some shelves, added proper equipment and filtration. They wanted to keep the stream along the fence so we added some natural shape with the illusion of twists and turns by unique rock placement. We also added a custom carved boulder fountain to the beginning of the stream. 




This little guy just wasn't cutting it for the homeowner anymore. She wanted fish and a larger footprint that worked better with the space.  We switched up the rock and more than doubled the size of the pond. We created a more natural looking waterfall and mini stream with a lower profile, creating an incredible melody of sounds within this courtyard area. They were thrilled with the opportunity for more fish and plants and have enjoyed spending time by the water watching frogs and dragonflies pay a visit. 




This waterfall rebuild was designed to keep a similar look to before, but with a bit of a face lift. The liner had been chewed up by rodents and there were significant leaks.We removed the rock, replaced the liner and used almost all the same rock to create an entirely new look. Small rebuilds like this can be done in 1-3 days and have a significant impact on how you enjoy your pond.  Watch the BEFORE video.   Watch the AFTER video

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