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Lake Management, Lake Maintenance, Kayak, Focal Point Features, Georgetown Texas

Lake Management

Pond Removal, Koi Pond Removal, Water Feature Removal, Pond Construction, Austin Texas

Pond Removal

Additional Services

What we DO:

• Pondscaping

• Pathways

• Pond or Fountain Removal

• Low Voltage Lighting

• Decorative Drainage

• Pond Inspections

• Lake Management

• Plants and Fish

We DON'T do:

• Landscaping without a Water Feature

• Patios and Decks

• Tree Trimming

• Formal Fountain Repair/Install

• Formal Pond Repair/Install

• 3 Tiered Fountain Repair/Install

Concrete Pond Repair/Install

Concrete Pond or Fountain Sealing

Pondscaping and Pathways- If you have a water feature and want to accent the surrounding space, we can do a variety of landscaping.

Pond Removal- No longer want your pond or fountain? We can haul it all away and leave you with a clean blank canvas.

Lighting- In addition to pond lighting, we can give life to a dark corner on your property, illuminate a pathway for safety, or add ambiance with unique light play.  

Decorative Drainage- We can create a dry creek bed to help divert water safely and in style.

Pond Inspections for Realtors and Homebuyers- Get the water feature of your potential home inspected before purchasing to avoid the burden of unexpected costly repairs. 

Lake Management- Improve water quality with aeration and filtration and regular maintenance. 

Plants and Fish- Pick-up, delivery and installation of aquatic and terrestrial plants as well as koi and goldfish.