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Melissa is filming Dan's final reveal video of this koi pond we built in Belton, TX.  Check out the video here. 

Mission & Vision

We have a responsibility and a commitment to show you the joys of water gardening while raising the bar in customer service. When you choose FPF you have a friend in the pond business. We develop long-term relationships with our customers and value personalized focus. Without YOU there is no us so you are appreciated and listened to.

Our Values

We both grew up with our families spending time together outdoors and it was important to have a beautiful comfortable space in our own backyard to gather, relax, and enjoy ourselves.  We extend this family value into the heart of our business.


We are two artists with different strengths, styles and backgrounds aligning on work ethic, shared values and the end goal. Excellence in our work is important to both of us and we are proud of what we do. This makes us great partners in life and in business.

Meet the Team

Dan Johanson, Focal Point Features, small business owner,

Dan Johanson

Owner, Designer

Dan is an obsessive hobbyist with an overlap of passion and expertise for creating art from nature with his hands. He aims to improve quality of life with wellness through water. 

Melissa Devine, Melissa Johanson, Focal Point Features, small business owner

Melissa Devine Johanson

Owner, Manager

Melissa has a strong entrepreneurial spirit with a work hard, play hard attitude. Her desire for growth & improvement centers around creating positive life experiences.   

Dan and Melissa Johanson, Focal Point Features, Austin Texas, small business owners, meet the team

A candid shot at Turner Falls in Oklahoma on the way to the Water Garden Expo.


The crew helping out on a fountainscape install during the Aquascape Winter Retreat. 

So why should you choose us?

We are one of the few full service pond companies in Central Texas. This means we are still there for you after we have built your pond. A lot of local installers build ponds but do not offer repairs or maintenance and that just raises some red flags, in our opinion. We feel it's important to stand by our work and develop long term relationships with our customers, educating and supporting you along the way. 

We want you to enjoy your water feature to it's fullest potential and that can't happen if you don't fully understand it or have someone you can trust to shoot you straight when it comes to repairs and maintenance. Our motto is 'Honesty Over the Dollar' and what that means is we will recommend what is best for the pond and not our pockets. 

Atlantic Oase Professional Contractor, Focal Point Features, Austin Texas

We are an Atlantic-OASE Professional Contractor, sponsored by an Atlantic-OASE Distributer Consultant with a proven record of selling, building and maintaining water features. You can expect that we build exceptional water features, provide exemplary customer service, and demonstrate strong motivation to grow our water feature business and relationships. We know best how to design, install and maintain your water garden or water feature according to your project's budget and or space requirements. As an APC, we regularly keep up with new products and attend training seminars to advance our abilities and product knowledge to better serve you. We also receive a 1-Year extended warranty on all Atlantic products. 


Kristy "Dan and Melissa are amazing. They have been amazing at dealing with multiple issues I have had with the pond. They are reliable and trustworthy. I would highly recommend them for all of your pond needs."


Patty "They are professional and personable. Dan is an amazing artist. His ideas and skills are outstanding. I feel like we have added family with Dan and Melissa."


Jay "Had spoken to another business looking for solutions and wasn't happy with their answers... Then.... I found Dan and Melissa and Focal Point Features!!! Immediately I felt that trust that was lacking before."

Merrick "Dan came out and shot me straight about everything. Gave me a great price and way over delivered."


Pam "They designed and installed our pond and it was the least stressful project we'd ever done at our place. They were always there when they said they would be. Always available to answer questions."


Amy "Dan and Melissa are a dynamic duo of creativity, dedication and enthusiasm. They are truly passionate about "the pond life," water features and the work they do."


Kirk "Focal Point Features is one of the most customer-service oriented pond companies in the Austin area. ….He was reliable and kept all his commitments."

Panda Fam "They are a dynamic duo: conscientious, hard working, thorough and very detail oriented. …. Did I mention that they are absolutely lovely human beings? Their mission and their passion shines thru. My husband and I are big fans!"

Julie "We have a fantastic pond created by them. Well worth the investment."


Coleson "This team showed up and executed when others in town couldn’t; friendly, professional, efficient, and - most importantly for Austin - responsive."